Friday, June 6, 2014

So summer vacation has officially started, YAY!  And I finished my first book today!  It's called An Abundance of Katherines by John Green.  John Green also wrote the much more famous The Fault in our Stars which is coming out as a movie soon.  He has such a great voice as an author.  His characters are so interesting.  In An Abundance of Katherines, the main character, Colin, is a child prodigy, who is worried that his giftedness is fading.  When his girlfriend, Katherine, breaks up with him, he falls into such a funk that his best (and only) friend, Hassan, demands that they take a road trip.  It turns out that Colin has only ever dated Katherines and as he struggles to make sense of this latest break up, he turns to math to help him predict how all relationships will progress.  Along the way, he and Hassan end up in Gutshot, TN and make some new friends.  It's a really fun book to read, but it has quite a bit of (what might be termed) mature language and some sexual situations that make it inappropriate for elementary school.  

Now I'm on to the big stack.... today when I went back to school, I looked at the shelves in the media center and thought "Why aren't the kids reading these books?"  So I brought a few (ok, like 15 or 20) home and they are either going in the box for Goodwill or on to some recommendation list... no middle ground here...  

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