Saturday, June 7, 2014

Settling in

So summer vacation has officially started and I've already been to the beach twice.  I also seem to have found the two sea lice that were at our beach (if you don't know what sea lice are, imagine small beasts that go to the places your bathing suit touches and leave an itchy red welt-if you have chiggers where you live, imagine getting them in the ocean).  Thankfully, there were only two and I have a great remedy for them (it's a gel called Sting Stop) so it's all good.

And speaking of all good, Pete and I are settling into the summer vacation thing.  I checked the shelves of our school library before I left and I wanted to know why some of books are never getting checked out.  So I brought a few home and that's the beginning of my reading list.  Today I'm reading The Dark Hills Divide by Patrick Carman.  I read the Chaos Trilogy by Patrick Carman a couple of years ago and really loved it.  This one is sort of slow at the beginning but I'm about half way through and liking it better and better.  It's about a girl who lives in a community that is surrounded by walls, to keep the bad guys out.  However, the founder of the community and wall visionary dies suddenly at the beginning of the book and now she seems to be on a quest to find out more about the walls and what lies beyond.

How's your reading going? I sure hope you've gotten to stretch out with something good!

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