Sunday, November 15, 2015

More new picture books from Netgalley

Wow, are these some good ones and you'll have to keep an eye out for them, because I just tried to order them and they haven't hit the stores yet.  They are totally worth waiting for.  Check these out!

The first one is called Build Beaver Build by Sandra Markle.  The art work in this one is amazing.  The pictures are very detailed and so pretty!  It's about a young male beaver living in a dam with his family.  It shows how he grows and changes, how he gets food, how he avoids predators, how he plays with his sisters.  It's really a very thorough story of the life cycle and habits of a beaver.  Here in south Florida, we don't have beavers so I think my kids will be super interested to read about them in such an inviting and lovely book.  It's set to be replaced at the end of January, which should be an awesome time of year to get this one on the shelves, when the beavers are really having their babies and starting to be more active.  

The second one is called "Whose hands are these?" by Miranda Paul and I think this one is going to end up in practically every library that has little kids visiting.  It's a riddle book about community workers, so it's a super fun way to talk about peoples' jobs and the things they do while they are at work.  The text is rhyming so the kids will have fun guessing based on the rhymes.  The pictures are bright and adorable.  I loved this one and I can't wait to get it into my library.   But I will have to be patient (I'm trying not to whine about that), because this one also won't be released until the end of January (but I want it NOOOWWWW).  

The last one is a poetry book.  It's called "When the Sun Shines on Antarctica" by Irene Latham.  Unsurprisingly, it's a poems about the animals and geography of Antarctica.  What's really great about it is, that in addition to poetry and the lively pictures, are facts about the animals as well as some of the impacts of climate change.  This is going to be another one that lots of teachers are going to want to have because of the easy way to compare and contrast the poetry and the factual information.  Awesome!  This one won't be available until February.  Ok, I'm going to try to not whine about that either, but I'm REALLY going to have to work on being patient.  This one would be great paired up with Helen Cowcher's lovely picture book "Antarctica".  

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