Monday, January 6, 2014

Coolinary Cafe and Palm Beach food and wine festival

My husband and I are both teachers. One of the BEST things about being teachers is to hear how our students have been successful beyond the doors of our classrooms. Tim Lippman, the owner of Coolinary Cafe in Jupiter, FL, was a student of my husband's at Florida Culinary Institute (now part of Lincoln Tech). We found him first working at the Food Shack (also in Jupiter), which became our favorite restaurant. But when he opened Coolinary Cafe, he really kicked it up about 10 notches. We saw Tim in the fall and he told us about how he was participating in the Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival and how the chefs together had planned the menu. It was SO exciting for both of us to be reminded how education can help people get where they really want to go and how proud we are to be even the smallest part of that. Most especially, how our students can take the small things we have taught them and turn them into something completely amazing. Check out this video about the Coolinary Cafe and Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival.

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